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The Wood You brand of stain created by Jessup has been discontinued.
The Jessups in their mid 80's have decided to retire and we are running out of their stains.
If you are in need of any additional product, please come see us soon as our stock is becoming limited.
But Don't worry. General Finishes is wonderfully filling the gap left by Jessup.
Jessup will be missed!

Because each wood grows unique, these stain samples will vary.

On Oak

Natural on Oak Live Oak on Oak Country Pine on Oak Heritage Oak on Oak Sugar Maple on Oak
American Cherry on Oak Walnut on Oak Medium Walnut on Oak Honey Pecan on Oak Fruitwood on Oak
Mission Oak on Oak American Oak on Oak Maple Old Salem on Oak Black Cherry on Oak
New Mahogany on Oak Old World on Oak Black Forest Oak on Oak White Haze on Oak Desert Sand on Oak
Black Walnut on Oak Forest Green on Oak Blue Haze on Oak Gray Haze on Oak Mauve Haze on Oak


On Pine

Natural on Pine Live Oak on Pine Country Pine on Pine Heritage Oak on Pine Sugar Maple on Pine
American Cherry on Pine Walnut on Pine Medium Walnut on Pine Honey Pecan on Pine Fruitwood on Pine
Mission Oak on Pine American Oak on Pine Maple on Pine Old Salem on Pine Black Cherry on Pine
New Mahogany on Pine Old World on Pine Black Forest Oak on Pine White Haze on Pine Desert Sand on Pine
Black Walnut on Pine Forest Green on Pine Blue Haze on Pine Gray Haze on Pine Mauve Haze on Pine


On Para

Natural on Para Live Oak on Para Country Pine on Para Heritage Oak on Para Sugar Maple on Para
American Cherry on Para Walnut on Para Medium Walnut on Para Honey Pecan on Para Fruitwood on Para
Mission Oak on Para American Oak on Para Maple on Para Old Salem on Para Black Cherry on Para
New Mahogany on Para Old World on Para Black Forest Oak on Para White Haze on Para Desert Sand on Para
Black Walnut on Para Forest Green on Para Blue Haze on Para Gray Haze on Para Mauve Haze on Para


On Alder

Natural on Alder Live Oak on Alder Country Pine on Alder Heritage Oak on Alder Sugar Maple on Alder
American Cherry on Alder Walnut on Alder Medium Walnut on Alder Honey Pecan on Alder Fruitwood on Alder
Mission Oak on Alder American Oak on Alder Maple on Alder Old Salem on Alder Black Cherry on Alder
New Mahogany on Alder Old World on Alder Black Forest Oak on Alder White Haze on Alder Desert Sand on Alder
Black Walnut on Alder Forest Green on Alder Blue Haze on Alder Gray Haze on Alder Mauve Haze on Alder


On Maple

Natural on Maple Live Oak on Maple Country Pine on Maple Heritage Oak on Maple Sugar Maple on Maple
American Cherry on Maple Walnut on Maple Medium Walnut on Maple Honey Pecan on Maple Fruitwood on Maple
Mission Oak on Maple American Oak on Maple Maple on Maple Old Salem on Maple Black Cherry on Maple
New Mahogany on Maple Old World on Maple Black Forest Oak on Maple White Haze on Maple Desert Sand on Maple
Black Walnut on Maple Forest Green on Maple Blue Haze on Maple Gray Haze on Maple Mauve Haze on Maple


On Aspen

Natural on Aspen Live Oak on Aspen Country Pine on Aspen Heritage Oak on Aspen Sugar Maple on Aspen
American Cherry on Aspen Walnut on Aspen Medium Walnut on Aspen Hoeny Pecan on Aspen Fruitwood on Aspen
Mission Oak on Aspen American Oak on Aspen Maple on Aspen Old Salem on Aspen Black Cherry on Aspen
New Mahogany on Aspen Old World on Aspen Black Forest Oak on Aspen White Haze on Aspen Desert Sand on Aspen
Black Walnut on Aspen Forest Green on Aspen Blue Haze on Aspen Gray Haze on Aspen Mauve Haze on Aspen