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Wood Description
Unfinished Oak Oak is the second most commonly used wood for ready-to-finish furniture. It is a very hard, open-grain wood that comes in red or white varieties. Red Oak, which has a pinkish cast, is the more popular of the two. White Oak has a slight greenish cast. Both woods stain well in any color. Warm Cherry on Oak
Unfinished Parawood Parawood from the Far East is used for much of the furniture made in that part of the world and has now surpassed oak as the most commonly used lumber in Ready-to-Finish Furniture. The wood is as hard as maple or ash and takes a very even stain. It is yellow in color, with grain similar to mahogany. Warm Cherry on Parawood
Unfinished Pine Pine is a soft wood that comes in many varieties from various parts of the world. In the U.S., Eastern white pine, ponderosa pine and sugar pine are some of the varieties used to make furniture. All have yellow coloring with brown knots and are excellent for staining. With some stains, a sealer helps prepare the wood to achieve a more even look. Warm Cherry on Pine
Unfinished Alder Alder is a hardwood from the Pacific Northwest. It is very consistent in color and takes stain well. It ranks fourth behind para, oak and pine as the wood most commonly used for ready-to-finish furniture. Alder gives the look of many fine hardwoods at a reasonable price. Warm Cherry on Alder
Unfinished Paulownia Paulownia is a fast-growing tree that is grown commercially for the production of hardwood timber. It is a very light, fine-grained, soft, and warp-resistant lumber and has a wide range of uses such as: furniture, boxes, Instruments, clogs and even surfboards. Warm Cherry on Paulownia
Unfinished Maple Maple is a hardwood which colors range from a cream to a light reddish brown. Maple is usually straight-grained and sometimes found with highly figured bird's-eye or burl grain. Maple is hard and strong and has excellent resistance to abrasion and indentation. Warm Cherry on Maple