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Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way®
We are a certified Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way Furniture Store.
What does that mean to you?

Real Wood Furniture means high-quality furniture that is made of real wood, not particleboard, MDF or other synthetic materials. You and your home deserve pieces that will grow in value, both monetarily and sentimentally.

Finished Your Way means you can let your imagination run wild. Any color stain or paint can be used, so you can create a unique, heirloom piece. Don't be restricted by stock items that offer no choices, or come in limited colors and finishes. Create a one-of-a-kind piece that you can be proud of!
How many times have you looked for that special piece of furniture and thought, "This would be perfect if only it were sturdier, wider, or a different color"? With Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way®, get it exactly as you want it! Perfect, to your specifications. Have your furniture fit your style-don't change your style to fit your furniture.

So let’s recap, why should you buy from a certified dealer?
1. Products made from Real Wood
2. Products constructed with quality craftsmanship
3. Custom Finishing – Stain, Paint or a Specialty Finish

So be an educated consumer! Look for the Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way® logo in advertisements and stores. This logo guarantees that stringent standards have been met to ensure that you get valuable Real Wood Furniture that you can Finish Your Way.

Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way®
Furniture craftsmanship that's rooted in the past,
manufactured for the present, and destined for the future.

Real Wood Furniture ~ Finished Your Way